Winter Thoughts.

Hello my lovely Voodoo Babies,

It’s a mild Tuesday morning, I’m currently sitting in my bedroom watching Netflix while the baby sleeps. I decided to dust off the old laptop and blog from the comforts of my bed today. That, and my house is a huge mess and I don’t really feel like looking at it or cleaning at the moment.

The countdown to Christmas is getting real, five days until the big day and we are officially prepared. Everyone’s gifts have been bought, wrapped and put under the tree. We had some minor hiccups with one present and now unfortunately won’t be here until after Christmas but that’s okay. Cody and I are also celebrating our Christmas in the New Year – reason being is that babies are very expensive bundles of joy, so instead of going broke over the holidays we have decided to just splurge on each other in the New Year once rent is paid and we hit our “spending cheques” again. Besides, Christmas isn’t about the gifts for me, it’s about spending time with my loved ones, friends and family.

Over the years people, young and old, have turned into spoiled brats over the holidays – they’ve forgotten the true meaning of Christmas Spirit and have been clouded with selfishness and greed. Everyone’s always showing off their new iPads or Lulu Lemons but nobody is showing the family they spent their holidays with. It truly is sad to see how the holidays have progressed, or rather – regressed, over the years.

My Witchmate and I have decided to start watching Gilmore Girls all over again – we both love this show and we clearly ran out of things to watch on Netflix so we’re having sort of a long distance binge date and discussion group. It’s crazy watching a show from start to finish and then re-watching from the beginning to see how young everyone was when it originally started. We’re going to start with two or three episodes a day I think and then discuss each episode. It’s like a new-age book club, and instead of books it’s a TV show.

I’d just also like to point out that my sweet baby girl can now roll over from her stomach to her back! It’s super exciting for me as a mom to watch Sage hit all these milestones so quickly, but it’s also very bittersweet because it means she’s growing up way too fast. I want to relish in her baby phases for as long as I can but reality is she’s growing and she’s not going to stop for a very very long time. I’m just enjoying these precious moments while I can before she gets too independent.

There’s just so much to be thankful for as we near the end of 2017 – so much has happened, good and bad, but I am thankful for it all as it taught me a lot of valuable lessons. I’m so happy for the way my life is going right now, everything is falling into place perfectly and I couldn’t be happier. I’m happy that my pets are happy, healthy, loved and fed every day, my husband and daughter are happy, loved and fed. I can’t complain about anything really. I can only hope that 2018 is as bright and fruitful as 2017. I’ve got big plans and I won’t let anyone copy me, try and take credit for my work/ideas or stand in my way, that is my affirmation for the New Year.

The anniversary of mine and Cody’s engagement is coming up rather fast so that’s another thing I am so grateful for, we’ve been together for a year and a half and engaged for a full year as of December 23rd, even though we’re still at “engagement status” we are very much husband and wife – in my own opinion, I don’t need a piece of paper to tell me who I’m with or who I’m married to. Like I said in a previous post, we’re making it legal because we both want, and deserve,  our fairy tale wedding.  I also want a reason to wear a pretty gown (haha). I can’t wait for our winter wedding next year, I am also so excited to plan it with him and my Witchmate.

That’s all for today my Voodoo Babies,
remember to keep it surreal,


Sunday, Bloody Sunday.

Good morning my voodoo babies,

Happy Sunday to all! I hope all of my followers and readers are having a great last day to their weekend. I woke up on the right side of the bed today, Sage slept until about 9:30ish and then woke up to feed and then fell right back asleep. I love that she’s sleeping longer and longer now, it’s good for her as she’s constantly growing. She’s getting so big so fast and it’s so heartbreaking. I want her to stay a little baby forever. Soon she’ll be walking and I don’t know if I’m emotionally ready for that yet, she’s almost perfected holding her head up and I’m kind of dying on the inside.

It’s now the late evening and I’ve sort of abandoned this post because my adult duties got in the way. I went on a successful grocery shop with the baby and my mother in law – our fridge and cupboards are full to the brim with yummy food and that makes me happy.

I’m constantly being reminded that there are some people in this world who have literally nothing better to do than to monitor your posts and life like it’s their day job. I’ve had the same problem person creep in and out of my life for the last year or so and to be honest it’s really pathetic how much this person tries to emulate my life. I never asked to be copied or, for lack of a better word, idolized but here we are. It makes for good entertainment but when I receive a plethora of messages from people I don’t even talk to and even my friends pointing out that something of mine has been copied again, or that said person is being a keyboard warrior, it starts to turn from cheap entertainment to an annoyance real quick. I have no care in the world for this person but they keep trying to make themselves a prominent figure in my life, quite a pitiful attempt at trying to remain relevant to those who’ve clearly moved on from their snaky mind games and conniving, deceiving personality. To them, any attention whether it be negative or positive is exactly what they crave, which is really sad, it’s sad they have to make up lies, over compensate, and fabricate truths in their own lives and also try and steal the life of another in order to be happy.  Try as they may, though, I won’t let it get under my skin, after all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

It’s hard to believe that Yule is next week. When I was younger it used to seem like I waited forever for this magical holiday and now that I’m an adult with a baby it’s coming way too fast. Aside from a few gifts left to buy for friends and family we are all set for Yule. I’m going to be so sad when I have to take down all the beautiful decorations, our home looks so warm and cozy with the tree, our stockings and all the pretty lights. We are going to see my step-dads family on Christmas Eve and it’ll be their first time seeing Sage which I am very excited for. Mostly I’m excited for Sage to wear her cute Christmas dress, I don’t get to dress her up much so when the opportunity strikes I take advantage of it. Christmas day is spent at my in-laws house and then Boxing Day is usually spent with my side of the family. Needless to say this is a very busy time of the year for the Hogg Household. Parts of me will be glad once it’s over.

I also have a few Witchy things planned for the Yule Season. Just a few chants, some candle magick and a little spell for a prosperous and happy New Year. It’s my first Yule ceremony I’ve done in a long time, I didn’t do one last year because I was really depressed about my grandparents not being around. This year I’m feeling a little more up to it and therefore my intentions will be pure and not filled with sad or negative feelings. The only thing that would make this holiday season better is a visit from my Witchmate, which I know will be soon. It’s been a minute since our last visit and that was when I was still pregnant. I’m beyond excited for her to meet her Niece/Goddaughter, I’m excited for Sage to know the incredible woman I’ve dubbed to be her Godmother – I know Sam will teach her so much and  will be one of the best role models that Sage has in her life. I am so thankful for my Witchmate, my sister, and best friend. She truly is a gem in my life and I am so glad to have her as not only a big part of my life but a big part in my daughters life.

With that my lovelies, this post is at an end, Cody just headed out for a quick clean up shift and dinner needs to be started; on tonight’s menu: shake and bake chicken with hashbrown casserole. Yummy yum. Until next post.

remember to keep it surreal my dudes,

Saturday Vibes;

Good afternoon my voodoo babies,

It’s a lovely Saturday afternoon and I’m taking advantage of my quiet house once again and writing another blog post. Sage is sleep-fussing but other than that everyone is basically sleeping.

So today I had a good friend stop by and bring me a baby carrier I can actually carry Sage around in (the one I have is too big for her yet as she doesn’t meet the weight requirements. She has to be 12 pounds, or roughly 2 and a half months old.). It’s perfect because when she’s super fussy and Cody’s trying to sleep for his stupid long snow-plow shifts. She already loves being held to the point where I have to put her down when she’s dead asleep so she doesn’t cry. I love that so much.

In other news, my psycho neighbors had the cops called on them by the third floor tenant last night because for some odd reason they think it’s acceptable to blare their awful music from the hours of 11pm to 3am. It’s quite annoying when you have an almost one month old that they just woke up. If they weren’t such sketchy people the whole “you wake her, you take her” rule would apply. But unfortunately these people are legitimate hood rats. I’ve affectionately named them Riff and Raff, because between them and their kids I don’t know who’s worse. Oh, and they also recently got a puppy, a chihuahua puppy that NEVER. SHUTS. UP.

Christmas/Yule is now only 9 days away and I’ve bought a total of two presents for my family. They’re really the only people aside from Cody and Sage that I need to buy for. Cody’s birthday happens to be two and a half weeks after Christmas/Yule anyways so that’s when he gets spoiled from me. The one big thing I’m trying to buy him for Christmas/Yule is over 150 dollars and that’s not including shipping, because NOWHERE carries the stupid thing and I have to order it online. Why does sports paraphernalia have to be so damn expensive? *eye roll*. Since it’s Sage’s first Christmas/Yule and she’s so young, we aren’t going to be spoiling her like crazy – the biggest thing she’s getting is a new stroller system. It’s hard with her birthday being on the 21st of November and then Christmas/Yule being only a month away, and then Cody’s birthday two and a half weeks after – it’s a huge money drain and I’m not one to not buy presents. I love buying gifts for my loved ones and spoiling the crap out of them, if there’s one thing I’m good at besides being a mom it’s birthdays and Christmas/Yule presents.

I know I talk a lot about being a snow-plow widow, but I really want to take a moment to appreciate the sacrifices Cody has made for our family. He is working himself to the bone to make sure that we have a disposable income, a roof over our heads, food in our bellies and more. While it does frustrate me, as our time together has kind of taken a hit, I am beyond thankful that I have such a dedicated husband and father of my child. I see so many women nowadays complaining that their significant other doesn’t do anything to help with their family and home life and I couldn’t imagine being in their shoes. I truly lucked out in finding my other half – Cody truly is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me, aside from Sage, of course. Even though we have different sleep schedules and we’re basically  on complete opposite everything’s at the moment, it’s still nice laying down next to him even if only for a few moments. I know once the snowfall calms down a bit, it won’t be so hard on him and we’ll have more time together as a family. I truly am thankful for having him in my life.

With the end of another year also coming up, I’ve been reflecting a lot on the last year of my life. While I may not be where I thought I was going to be at this age when I was 16, I am exactly right where I need to be in life. My life has fallen together so perfectly in the last year and a half and I couldn’t be happier with that. I didn’t anticipate being 26 with a newborn, or even married – I just assumed I’d be alone forever with 42 cats. It’s crazy how much your life can change when you least expect it. I’ve got a lot of positive stuff happening to me right now and it’s only getting better – I’ll be taking online classes at Fanshawe in September for either Office Administration or I’m actually looking into taking a Practical Nursing course and once Sage is in Junior Kindergarten I’ll be able to actually have a career (I refuse to put her in daycare as it’s so ridiculously expensive and I don’t trust people watching my child other than myself, Cody or family. I’ve read too many horror stories where children have been hurt or worse by Childcare providers and I refuse to pay 1200 dollars a month for someone to potentially hurt my child, or for her to constantly be sick. They say it’s good for socialization but enough of my friends have children so her social skills will be fine. I’d rather be a stay at home mom and know my child is properly getting taken care of than put her in the care of a total stranger.) I’ve set goals for myself, I’ve made huge life plans with my husband and best friend, I’ve also made even bigger plans involving my craft and my journey as a Witch, and I can’t wait to start fulfilling each and every item on my list for 2018. There is literally nothing I have in life to complain about, and even the stuff that I would have commented on are so insignificant I don’t even know why  I ever let that drama be a part of my life.

All in all, today’s been a very good day – despite the night I had with Sage (she was up every hour and a half from 1:45 am to about 5:45 am, but at least we slept in until 10:45 and she’s currently sleeping, hopefully, right now.), I’m currently about to finish this blog post, feed my mini and then get dressed and go grocery shopping. Now that I can get out of the house more and more I feel a little less stressed about being inside all day. Try being stuck in bed for a week and a half, recovering from a c-section and taking care of an infant, a dog and two cats with about 40% mobility. It’s not fun at all but I managed, I’m almost back at 100% minus the numbness I have from the incision which I’ll most likely never get back. It feels so good to adult.

Keep it surreal voodoo babies,

Snowy Thoughts.

Good afternoon my lovely voodoo babies,

It’s a lovely Thursday afternoon/early evening and I’m currently writing from a desktop computer whilst I update my husbands iTunes library and iPod. Him and the baby are currently sleeping so this is my time to catch up on housework, blog, and grimoire and maybe end my day with a lovely Lush bath bomb bath. I haven’t done much of any of that lately because Cody’s been on the night shift, so he works from 11pm til well into the next day, for example: Tuesday night he went in at 11pm and wasn’t home until 3 on Wednesday afternoon. – it has turned me into a snow plow widow but I know it’s worth it for our family.

Aside from that though, things are amazing in the Hogg household. Our Yule/Christmas tree is up and has been since about the beginning of November and there’s even presents under it right now! Our animals are happy, loved and fed, the baby is of course happy, fed and loved to the fullest. Our home is stocked with food, light, love and laughter and I couldn’t be happier. This year, like I stated in my previous post, started off really crappy for us but ended up being the best year of my life – lots of positive things rose out of the negativity at the beginning. I’ve rekindled friendships with people I never thought I’d talk to ever again, I was able to give live to a human being – something I was told would probably never happen, I got to be there for my mom on the most important day of her life and stand up with her as she promised her forever love to the love of her life and I’ve started actually planning our Wedding ceremony after putting it off to give birth to Sage.

I am so excited to begin the wedding planning with my best friend and maid of honor. It’s nice to have someone I know who won’t back out of my wedding 48 hours after being asked to be my maid of honor. Our wedding ceremony has changed from a Halloween wedding to a Winter wedding, mostly because all the Halloweens for the next two years are on weekdays and it’s just easier for our big day to be on a weekend. Even though we’re common law married, we want to have a real ceremony and reception. It’s not so much for the “legality” of it all because let’s face it, my common law marriage has more validity than some marriages that have certificates to back up their “authenticity”. As far as I’m concerned, my marriage is as authentic as it can get – with or without a certificate – we have what most people lack in a marriage; perfect love and perfect trust. It’s not like I was dating somebody else when my husband and I got together anyways so.. there’s that.

While I haven’t spent much time outside due to the fact I don’t want to risk getting the baby sick – she doesn’t quite fit into her snow suit and I don’t have a proper car seat cover for her just yet – I can still feel the magic of the Festive season; there’s something about fresh fallen snow that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Winter has to be one of the most magical seasons ever, despite it being absolutely freezing, I have to stop and appreciate the wonder that comes from it. It’s a time of giving, it’s a time for family, love, and hot chocolate. Even just watching Bear prance around happily in the snow brings so much joy into my heart. Yule/Christmas used to be a very despised holiday for me and only got worse with the passing of my grandparents – it was their favourite holiday; now it’s a holiday I embrace and love so deeply, it’s a time I feel their spirits more than ever and I know they are with me. I can almost smell the poinsettias my grandma used to have in her house; that in itself is magic. I can’t wait until Sage is old enough to really appreciate the magic of Christmas; I can’t wait to leave cookies and milk out for Santa and carrot sticks for Rudolph and his friends with her. I can’t wait to give her first chocolate Advent calendar and help her write her wish list to Santa. I can’t wait to see the joy and excitement light up her perfectly blue eyes on Yule/Christmas morning when she sees all the gifts Santa brought her. Most of all, I can’t wait to start our own Yule/Christmas traditions with her like walks in Victoria park to see the lights accompanied by a cup of hot chocolate, taking her to the Christmas Parade to see Santa in the flesh, get our family portraits done, and pick out our yearly tree ornaments. Being a parent has made me want to make Yule/Christmas more memorable for her in every way possible, and it’s something I will look forward to every year. Even now, just looking around my home and seeing all the Yule/Christmas decorations up bring a huge smile to my face and warmth in my heart.

As I write this, I am thinking back on all of the things I’ve done and gone through this year as an individual, as a wife, as a daughter and mother. I am thankful for every moment I experienced in life, no matter if it was a positive one or negative one. I wouldn’t be the person I am going into the new year if I didn’t experience the good and bad of this year; I went through a lot of emotions, trials and tribulations all of which I am truly grateful for – my marriage is stronger than ever and I am stronger as a person. I’ve watched my husband and I grow into better people for our daughter and for our own selves. We’ve done a lot of growing in the last 360something days and I am so proud of us.  I am grateful I get to welcome another new year with him and our daughter at my side, I am grateful for the family I have and the family I’ve been adopted into, I am grateful for my wonderful fur babies – as much as they may get on my nerves, they’re still my babies and I’d be a completely different person if I didn’t have them in my life. I have a lot to be thankful for in life and it really makes me see the brighter side of things in life, I am more humble and I have no reasons to be unhappy or negative.

I’m very glad I got to say goodbye to all the negative and toxic entities in my life last year, and as we ring the new year in on December 31st I will once again light a candle and say au revoir to all the negativity that has tried to stick it’s dirty claws in my life. I’ll say a little chant to wish all the people who’ve stalked me and have tried to bring me down in the last year good luck in their endeavors and hope that they may find peace and happiness in their own lives one day and can stop trying to copy my life and bring my spirits down. Try as they may, lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. I am a lioness, a queen, and a goddess and I’ll be damned if anyone tries to steal my shine.

Happy Holidays my voodoo babies, and remember;
keep it surreal,

2017: A Year in Review.

Good snowy morning my lovely voodoo babies,

it’s 7:30 am on a blustery monday morning and i’m currently one handing this post while Sage sleeps in my arms. it’s the last month of the year so i thought i’d do a bit of reflecting on my 2017. this year was full of ups and downs, personal accomplishments, triumphs and downfalls, but i wouldn’t have it any other way. my year started off a little rocky but ended perfectly. i also got more involved with my craft in the last year, i’ve written half of my grimoire – as messy as it may be, it’s still mine and i am damn proud of it, i’ve even worked a few spells for some friends. i made a care package in october for my best friend that included a bunch of lovely magickal items to help her through her year and other things.

i’m working on becoming more organized and using my planner more than i have been, even if i just write out my blog schedule that would be good enough for me. i have to work on setting time aside for creative time; and in that creative time i’d like to read, work on my grimoire and write in my planner some more. since the baby i’ve kind of let my creative time fall to the wayside – but taking care of a mini human takes up a lot of time. it’s totally worth it but i have to remember to set aside “me time” as well. whether that’s relaxing in the tub with a bathbomb and a good book or writing a blog post, or even writing in my grimoire – i’ve also started a daily hand written journal that includes all of my daily thoughts from what to add into my grimoire, to what i dreamed about that night, to my monthly/weekly goals, etc. they’re called brain dump journals and aside from daily blogging it’s also good to dump your brain with pen and paper as well.

the first few months of the new year were just like any other, full of work and recuperating after the gouges our wallets took from the holidays. by february i had been sick almost every day that month and i couldn’t figure out why, cody encouraged me to take a pregnancy test and i put it off until a few days after my birthday – truth be told i was scared – but i also wasn’t hoping for anything because i had been told by many doctors that my chances for conceiving were slim to none. so on march 4th, 2017 at 8am i took my first pregnancy test; i waited for what seemed like an eternity and sure enough two little pink lines showed up – i was in such disbelief i took two more tests right after. i woke cody up with a loving “good morning daddy” and showed him the positive tests – we both kind of just laid in bed and cried and held each other, we were so happy that we’d be able to expand our family with a real baby and not just another fur baby.

the months from march to about may were a bit hectic, it was full of morning sickness (which was really all day sickness) and doctors appointments. in june we said good bye to our first ever apartment and moved in with a couple of friends until our new apartment was ready. at the end of july i had my baby shower – i chose to have it in the summer so that everyone whom i invited could make it without having to deal with crappy weather, it was a huge success and i got to see some friends i hadn’t seen since probably three summers ago. it was a long and hot summer and being pregnant in 30+ degree weather isn’t the most ideal and it sucked a lot. we stayed with our friends until the end of september and by october we were in our brand new apartment.  we also got a new kitten about 4 days before i went into labor, we named her Bailey.

in the midst of our crazy year, i rekindled a friendship with a friend i wish i’d never stopped talking to. i was a bit skeptical at first, not going to lie – but i’m so happy that her and i reached out to each other because we were definitely destined to be friends. she is my heterosexual other half, my twin, my bestie, my sister. i am so thankful that the goddess brought us back together.  she gets me like none of my other friends never have. i’ve had friendships that had strong bonds but none that run as deep as mine and hers, we go down to the roots. we literally are the same person, it’s quite freaky. our brains are synced and on the same wavelength and that is something you just can’t fake. the only regret i have is wasting almost a year shutting her out of my life when i could have been working on our relationship – but it’s not even a regret, because even in the short time we’ve been speaking again it’s like nothing ever changed between us. the person trying to drive a wedge between us just doesn’t exist anymore,  they have issues with us being friends but that’s their problem.

speaking of issues – the problem i dealt with over a year ago has apparently not gone away. it would seem that i’m still being copied left, right, and center. this person is like herpes, goes away for a bit and then comes back like nasty, oozing, festering sores on your naughty bits. i’ve done my best to just block them out of my life, quite literally and also spiritually. i’ve done everything i could with my craft to get them to just back off – binding spells, banishment spells, wearing black tourmaline, they clearly just aren’t getting the hint. i have also tried literally blocking them off every type of social media and it’s like they have minions around every corner reporting back to them, or they’ve just found a way to look at all of my stuff. i’ve tried to deal with it and go with the whole “imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery” but like i said, it’s getting old. it can be quite entertaining though, watching them try and turn it around on me, knowing the kind of evil person they are at their rotten core and the fact that everyone is catching on to their little games is quite amusing. watching them try to copy my life verbatim is also quite hilarious; watching them be tough and say “mean” things over social media and then delete them right away are absolutely hilarious, everyone’s a keyboard warrior from the comfort of their own homes while hiding behind their stolen phone screens and computers. i guess old dogs really don’t learn new tricks.

despite all the drama that’s gone on in the last year, the good definitely outweighs it all. this year wasn’t a total drag considering our christmas gift came early in the form of our beautiful daughter. and speaking of christmas/Yule, my husband and i are celebrating our second christmas together and this year we’ve decided to do a Yule celebration as well after our christmas celebrations with our families. we’ve made plans with both sides of our families this year and hopefully it won’t be as hectic as last years ordeal.  our house is the most decorated it’s ever been for any holiday. i’ve definitely fallen in love with winter and the Yuletide season, i’ve fallen in love with the snow, the feelings you get when you can feel christmas/Yule in the air, i’ve even fallen in love with christmas music. the fact that our daughter is with us makes it even more magickal, even if she won’t remember her first christmas – it’s more for cody and i. these are memories we can share with her when she’s older when she asks what her first christmas/Yule was like.

all in all, i’d rate this year a solid 9 out of 10. from page one to page three hundred and sixty five it’s been a long and strange trip. i’m excited to end this year on a positive note and start the first page of 2018 with my little family.  i’m excited to go into another brand new year with my husband by my side and our daughter in our arms. i couldn’t ask for a better family, i couldn’t ask for a better life. the goddess truly blessed me and i am forever thankful for her gifts to me. i’ve set a bunch of new goals and aspirations for myself for 2018 as well, but i’ll save that for my next post.

with that, this monstrous blog post comes to and end.
remember to keep it surreal my voodoo babies,


adventures in parenthood.

hello my voodoo babies,

i took another hiatus from this blog because i was extremely busy preparing for the arrival of our daughter and didn’t have a spare minute to write. i miss blogging so i decided to pick it back up again and write about my experiences so far in motherhood.

i’ll start with the labor; on Monday November 20th, i went into the hospital in the morning with severe contractions – i was so afraid my entire pregnancy i wasn’t going to know what those felt like and let me tell you, once i felt them, i knew. on a scale of one to ten the pain i felt was about an 8. i was in the hospital til about 1:30pm with my midwife before she sent me home because i wasn’t dilated enough to be admitted – i went home and tried to nap, i managed to sleep a whole five hours before the contractions picked back up stronger than ever. around the 6 o’clock mark i called my midwife and told her i was having painful contractions that were about 10-15 minutes apart, we met at the hospital and began the whole process over again. cody and i walked around the hospital to try and dilate myself more – once i was dilated enough, my midwife said it was go time. we went into the birthing room and i dealt with contractions for a bit longer before the anesthesiologist came in and administered the epidural. this point signals the longest wait of my life – i was dilated at 4cm for almost 18 hours before anything happened, my water was broken at 2:36am on tuesday morning. i managed to go from 5-6cm in 10 hours before a surgeon came in to discuss the need for a c-section with me. the reason for needing a c-section was because Sage wasn’t going to be coming naturally, and to try and force it would put her and myself in distress because my contractions wouldn’t have been strong enough to push her out. my uterus isn’t a normal uterus shape, but is heart-shaped, so any other children i plan to have in the future will most likely need to be delivered via c-section. at the time i was very disappointed i wouldn’t have been able to have a vaginal birth but knowing the risks i would have been taking had cody and i not agreed to a c-section i was very thankful that i did. at about 8pm on Tuesday, November 21 i was taken to the O.R. with my amazing team of doctors and nursing staff to deliver our baby. the room was bright and very cold and i was administered more numbing drugs and couldn’t feel anything from my sternum down. the dividing sheet went up and cody sat beside me and held my hand the entire time during the procedure, i could feel the pressure from being cut open and my organs being moved around – all i remember from that moment on was cody telling me how brave i was and how strong i was for going through this. at 8:47pm i heard her cry for the first time and was overcome with so much happiness i began to cry as well, that was my baby crying – a baby that my best friend and i created out of love. she was taken into a separate room to be weighed and cleaned up, cody went with them while they put everything back into place and stitched me up. when cody brought her in to see me i was in tears again – she was the most beautiful girl i had ever laid eyes on. she was perfection coming from two imperfect people. she was our Sage Abigail Maria Lynn Hogg, weighing 7pounds 13ounces and measuring 21 and a quarter inches long at birth – this was the beginning of our new and exciting leap into parenthood.

after labor; after being in labor for about 30 hours, i spent about an hour or two in recovery, they took blood, pushed on my stomach (to make sure i was bleeding normally, and yes, even if you have a c-section you still bleed out of your lady bits, something i didn’t know until it happened.), my midwife filled out paperwork for Sage and then my family got to come in and meet her. once we were done in recovery, we were wheeled to our room. i had my mom with me from day one and i was so thankful to have her there, especially when Sage would wake up in the night and cry – our first night alone was a bit hectic and i was very overwhelmed and afraid but i soon realized that it was a piece of cake. we were discharged from the hospital on the thursday night around 8:45pm and got to go home for our first real night outside of the hospital. being a first time parent is definitely a very scary experience; we are responsible for this fragile little being.

the first week was a rollercoaster, mostly for me, the emotions i felt and couldn’t control were so overwhelming. i was crying for no reason, or for the way i was looked at. i felt like i was constantly being judged and watched – almost like people were waiting for me to screw up. i underestimated myself so much in the first week, i discredited myself. i was so focused on trying not to fail as a mom that i forgot to just relax and let everything come naturally. turn out being a parent comes naturally, i soon understood what her different cries meant and we fell into a really easy routine. we had lots of visitors in the first week and that was also overwhelming. there’s nothing worse than wanting guests but feeling suffocated in your own house at the same time. my home visits with my midwives were always a treat, they gave me such positive feedback about her that it reassured me i was doing a good job. she gained her birth weight back in the first week home and then gained another pound in the second week.

parenthood isn’t easy and not everyone is cut out for it – i was super afraid to be a mom the entire time i was pregnant, i was afraid to hold her even when she was born but as soon as she was placed in my arms and i stared at her beautiful face i forgot all about those fears and doubts i had in my mind. she has been the best thing to happen to me since meeting cody, the two of them are my absolute everything and i finally feel whole. i finally feel like i have my purpose in life and that is to be a mom. Sage has been a blessing to me, after believing i couldn’t have kids for basically my whole life and then the goddess sent me her. she is our miracle and i am so proud and thankful to be her mom.

that’s all for the first two weeks as being a new mom,
stick around for more inside my amazingly crazy life.

keep it surreal babes,

The witch is back.

Hello my lovely voodoo babies,

The witch is back and more excited than ever. So much has gone on and if you follow my Twitter, i made a tweet while back about wanting to reopen my WordPress, and here we are!

It’s been a crazy few months since I’ve been on hiatus; my hubby and I put our Halloween 2018 wedding on hold because we are having a baby!! Yes, my voodoo babies, you read correctly! We are welcoming our daughter Sage-Abigail Maria Lynn Hogg into the world November of this year.

We are so excited to be parents & to be given this beautiful gift is such a blessing. Being pregnant is one of the coolest and most honorable experiences I could have ever gone through in my life and I thank the goddess every day for it.

In other news; we move into our new home soon! I am so excited to be able to decorate our daughter’s room and set up all of her things.

New beginnings are on the horizon and I can’t wait to share it all with you guys!

Keep it surreal babes,