» •• i am a wife. a mother. a sister. a daughter.

i’m a twenty-six year old canadian wannabe writer/journalist/photographer/gypsy living each day on the edge of my seat with my soulmate, sidekick husband and our wicked asshole cat & our sinfully adorable puppy and our soon to be born daughter Sage. i’m the writer that’s perpetually fucked by writers block; even writing from the heart often comes with minor pitfalls. i smoke too much and brood too much, and ingest WAY too much coffee, i’m endlessly lost in my own thoughts that i can’t find the words to put on paper.

; coffee. vaping. music. tattoos. photography. instagram. snapchat. 42O. creative writing. blogging (obviously). reading. nature. fashion. makeup. modelling. gloomy days. fireplaces. reading. the smell of autumn rain. cuddling mon chéri. true crime. criminal psychology. space. la lune. les étoiles. •• «

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