big things ahead for wtchkrftt

good evening my lovely voodoo babies!

this is just a quick post to let you know that newer, better, and bigger things are coming for me and my blogscapades! i’ve decided that while i love wordpress, i will be moving over to tumblr for a more “graphic” look into my blogging. THIS BLOG WILL STILL BE ACTIVE. tumblr is easier when it comes to uploading a photoset, text posting from mobile, etc. i will soon be self-teaching myself on taxidermy and the art of preserving animal pelts and disarticulating and rearticulating full animal skeletons!

i am more than excited about this, it’s something i’ve wanted to do for a very long time and it’s something i’m truly passionate about. i’ve wanted an oddities cabinet in my house for YEARS and i’m finally taking the steps towards having one.

there are a few things i have to wait for, such as my own taxidermy studio (embalming fluids and other chemicals used in the preservation process are highly toxic, dangerous and expensive. unfortunately my own studio will have to wait until Cody and i have a house with a garage or storage shed in the back yard i can convert into a small studio.)

since the snow has been m.i.a for quite some time now, Cody and i will be able to venture into the woods and down by the ponds in my city to search for animal carcasses and bones that winter weather have already started decomposing. eventually i’ll have to acquire my own carrion beetles and fish tank in order to help with the decomp process but all in good time!

in the mean time, i’ll be visiting my favourite haunt, City Lights, to acquire books on taxidermy and such. i’m hoping to eventually be able to sell a lot of the pieces i make and hopefully make other people as happy as i will be.

DISCLAIMER: i am NOT killing any animals solely for the purpose of this project, all animal carcasses/bones/etc will be found naturally and the animals will have died naturally. i’m not some psychotic pseudo-serial killer, this is something i’ve been very interested in ever since i was super young and unfortunately didn’t have the means to support my dream of wanting to do this (financially, etc.). 

i will be posting my tumblr url on my social media contact page for all of you curious cats.
until then, i bid you all goodnight.
keep it surreal babes,



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