Sick puppies.

Good evening my lovely voodoo babies. 

Tonight’s blog coming from my blanket burrito at my in laws. It’s my loves 25th birthday today and we’re celebrating with tacos and cake. Unfortunately I’m disgustingly sick and could only force myself to eat one taco. I’m in good spirits though, I made a promise to Cody that he’d have an amazing birthday no matter what we were doing.  

To get everyone up to speed on my life, I’ve been asked to write a sample piece for a blog website geared towards women in their early 20s and 30s. *squeal* I am crazy excited! I’m hoping to get my foot in the door and experience on my resume so I can try to get into bigger companies like Buzzfeed or Cracked. I’ve also been asked to write for my company’s blog, I’m also extremely excited about that, it may not be the content I want to blog about but it’s definitely a start! 

I’ve also to “revamp” my instagram profile. I want to take on a more simplistic, organized and adult approach to what I post. I feel like my instagram posts are all over the place and there’s no general “theme” to what I post. To kick off the “revamp” I’ll be starting off with a 30 day photo challenge and then see where that takes me. I want to base my instagram around my likes and hobbies. So basically oddities, journalism, body mods, vaping and photography. 

My 2017 so far has been quite successful, minus being sick, I ultimately have no complaints about how this year is going. Things are looking up more than I expected for Cody and I, and I couldn’t be more pleased with that.  I’ve set a lot of goals and worked out a lot of projects for myself for the next 11 months to keep me productive and busy. 

I’ve also been busy planning our upcoming wedding.  Which, as I’ve stayed previously, is stressful AF. Exciting, but stressful. Within the next month we need to have a deposit put down on a venue, and even before that we need to have a venue decided on. I’ve been toying with the idea of a destination wedding  or having a local wedding. A destination wedding would be cheaper, but less people would be able to come (i doubt 50 people are going to pay at minimum 1500 dollars to fly to Cuba or the Dominican and watch us get married.), a local wedding would be a bit more pricey but then we could actually have the friends and family that we want there to celebrate with us. Can you understand why I’m slowly going crazy? Oh! And I still have a maid of honor and bridesmaid to pick. Oh my.. 

I know things will work out just as they have been. It’s all about the positive vibes. Which I’ve been full of lately.  I just gotta keep on keepin’ on. 

That’s all for tonight’s blog my lovelies,

Keep it surreal my voodoo children, until next blog.



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