not with a fizzle, but with a bang.

hello my voodoo babies!

welcome to 2017. so far no chemical warfare, zombies, or world wars; i’d say we’re off to a great start! cody and i had a small get together at our house, it was actually quite nice minus a few absolutely rude people. we ended up watching finger eleven perform at the park downtown and i rang in the new year with a beautiful kiss by my fiance by the light of the fireworks. aside from a few hiccups it was a great night.

in my previous post i mentioned that cody and i got engaged!! it’s super exciting being engaged but holy hell the wedding planning is hard and stressful. i start thinking of one thing and then 20,000 other things pop into my head; i’d start looking at wedding dresses and before i knew it i’d be looking at invitation patterns. there’s so much to prepare for; the venue, the photographer, the music, the deejay, the dress, our marriage license, everything. i can’t lie and say it’s not overwhelming. VERY exciting, but very overwhelming.

in light of all this wedding planning, i’m also putting some of my 2017 goals into action and preparing to budget mine and cody’s lives a lot better so we’re not drowning in a sea of financial debt. i have quite expensive life habits and i would like to be able to continue to live the lifestyle i’m accustomed to but also be able to afford it as well. unfortunately for me, i was never taught the value of money. despite my grandparents being some of the hardest working people i knew, they chose to spoil their grand children rather than teaching them about the value of money, debt, and other financial things people always end up learning about too late. while being super appreciative of everything my grandparents did for me growing up, i also wish they would have mentioned that money is the devil. but now at the ripe age of 25.. almost 26, i am finding out the hard way that once you’re in a hole it’s super hard to dig yourself out of it. it’s a challenge and i am all for challenges.

my goal for this evening is to put together an elite budget/financial binder for this year. it will include savings goals, financial goals, debt goals, etc. it’s designed in a way to help me budget my current household income, save money, and still live comfortably. i will post tutorials and pictures of my progress and such. i’m completely obsessed with organizational binders and it’s finally time to put my obsessions to good use. stay tuned for a peek inside my budget binder in the next couple of days!

so far, the first four pages in my three-hundred and sixty five page book are looking better than ever. i’ve started this year on such a positive note (despite the first three hours into 2017) and i’ve also started noticing changes in my personality, appearance, and overall demeanor which makes me super happy to report. it’s amazing what a little positivity in your life can do. i am so excited to see how the remaining three-hundred and sixty one pages play out.

with that, my voodoo babies, this blog post comes to a close.
it’s pretty dead here at the office but i have to look busy,
keep it surreal lovelies,
until next blog.


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