so blessed – part two.

good morning my lovely voodoo babies!

it’s the morning of new years eve and i’m currently sitting in the most uncomfortable office chair at work. i came in a little early today and decided to post before getting to work on the rest of my year end paperwork cause… priorities, right? i’m actually slacking so hard on this year end crap. it’s just making my head spin, my brain is literally thinking of every possible way to avoid the task as i’m working on it.

as it being new years eve; i guess i should talk about some resolutions, right? wrong! i’m not making any this year simply because new years resolutions are used to make people feel good about setting a goal and then justifying abandoning it months later. my new years resolution for the past 5 years was to quit smoking and guess what .. i quit smoking almost a month and a half ago, all without the whole “it’s new years, new me” crap. i did it with perseverance, a great support system and obviously my vape – i’d probably be dead without my little minikin.

i have, however, set a list of goals for myself this 2017. i feel that goal setting is important because it provides structure in your life. this year, my goals are

  • to be more humble.
  • to be more forgiving.
  • to be less of a doormat.
  • to learn to say “no” more.
  • to listen when asked and speak when needed.
  • to learn how to communicate how i’m feeling towards my friends/family/loved ones instead of bottling everything up.
  • to have at least 8,000 dollars saved up by the end of 2017.
  • to be more creatively available.
  • to start having more “electronics free” time.
  • to meditate more.
  • to become more involved with the craft, spellworking & crystal/herbal/homeopathic healing.
  • to take more pictures.
  • to get involved with more creative projects (music videos, modelling, photography, collab-blogging/modelling/photography/videography, etc.)
  • to set aside time for hooping, yoga & possibly pole fitness.
  • to pick up a new hobby (a dance class, get involved with a play, etc.)
  • to make at least 3 new friends this year that aren’t repeat friends.
  • to use my planner more.
  • to stick to projects i start and see them to the end, regardless of the outcome.
  • to at least have a college / career path decided on.
  • to face at least one of my big fears (hopefully it will be travelling by plane.)
  • to read more and read at least 10 novels this year.
  • to finish a book series i’ve started.
  • to get my license and stop putting it off because i’m scared to drive.

while that seems like a lot for one year and a lot for one person to achieve i believe that i can do it. i’ve had a lot of years that started off strong but ended on a stagnant note and i think it’s time to change that.

dear 2016, as sad as i am that this year went by so fast i am glad you are over. this year, the world has seen a lot of devastation, a lot of bloodshed, death, and other things. in my own life, i’ve been through a lot of crap, some that nearly beat me down and some that raised me higher than i’ve ever been before. i’ve let a lot of people go this year, i’ve made some great friends and reconnected with old ones. an old flame that died down to embers is now burning stronger than ever and will be the torch that guides us into 2017; with my love by my side i know i can achieve anything this year.

i look forward to the adventure i’ll be taking in the year 2017, i am excited to see where the next year is going to take me and my family. i look forward to the friends i’ll make. most of all, i’m excited to see how 2017 will help me grow as a person, a woman, a daughter, a wife, and a friend. the next 365 pages of my book are waiting to be written and i can promise this story won’t have a bunch of empty pages in it. this is a year of revival, rebirth, and reclamation; or zombies.. who knows.

to all my friends past, present and future; thank you so much for everything, all of you have had some impact on my life and have helped me to become who i am today, whether we don’t talk anymore, or talk every day, you’ve had some important role in my life – good or bad. regardless if we’re friends, enemies, or whatever, i hope 2017 will be as magical for all of you as it will be for me. may all your dreams, goals and aspirations become reality and may you grab life by the proverbial balls and make this year your bitch. i know you will all achieve at everything you set your minds to.

to my love; i cannot find the words to thank you for everything you’ve done. you have helped me grow as a woman and find the confidence i never knew i had. you bring out the best in me and help me see past my flaws and defects. you’ve taught me that everything about me is beautiful even if i don’t see it. you’ve taught me how to laugh without inhibitions and love more fiercely than ever before. you’ve shown me that even though i tell everyone else it’s okay to not be okay; it REALLY is okay to not be okay. it’s okay to have bad days, good days, and downright nasty days. thank you for loving me at the end of every day unconditionally, and for being the motivation i needed in my life to start making something of myself. you truly are a godsend, my best friend, and my true north. i cannot wait to marry you, my wonderful and spectacular fiance. you truly are the best thing to ever happen to me. i love you so much.

i do have high hopes that this year will be my game changer year. i know i will have my ups and downs, but hopefully this year will be filled with more “ups” than “downs.”  this is going to be one of my most busiest years but in the end it will all be worth it.  i can do anything as long as i set my mind to it and buckle down.  with my love by my side and the goddess watching over me i know all of my dreams will come true and i will achieve my goals.

and with that, this is my last post for 2016, what a long and strange trip it’s been.
remember to always keep it surreal my voodoo babies, and if there’s an apocalypse, good luck.

see ya’ll next year,


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