so blessed – part one.

good day my lovely voodoo babies,

tonight’s post(s) is coming at you in two parts, part one will be all about my christmas, while part two will be all about the new year – my plans, wedding announcements & such. so hold on to your butts my lovely voodoo babies, you’re in for a treat:

i hope you all had a wonderful Christmas | Festivus | Yule | Kwanzaa |Hanukkah | Chanukkah | whatever it is that you celebrate! my Yule/Christmas was absolutely wonderful;  my love and i did our special christmas on the 23rd, he got me a lot of wonderful things but the most wonderful thing that i received from him was the promise of eternal love, and the most gorgeous diamond ring ever. yes, it is official my voodoo babies, i am now officially a wife to be. words couldn’t even express how over the moon i am about this. i’ve known since i met Cody that we were destined for each other. he brings out the best sides of me but also has the capacity of bringing out the demon that dwells within. he loves me at my best, my worst, prettiest and ugliest. he encourages me to be the best and pushes me to persevere. i am so glad that on october 31st, 2018, i get to say “i do” to the one person who has never ever judged me, doubted me, or abused me. i get to say “i do” to my best friend, my partner in crime, my true north, my one and only. and that is the best Yuletide/Christmas present anyone could have ever given me.

we spent Christmas morning with Cody’s parents, my now in-laws, and it was absolutely amazing. i got another supernatural pop vinyl doll to put on my shelf amongst the others i’ve been collecting over the past year or so, my supernatural shelf is finally coming along nicely, i CANNOT wait to add more stuff to it. i love spending my time with Cody’s family, they are super family oriented and i grew up in a house that wasn’t heavily family oriented. they make me feel super welcome, loved, and just at peace. i am really glad that i get to become part of their family.

for the first time in about 10 years i actually spent Christmas with my father and step-mom. it was a bit overwhelming but that is to be expected, but hey, at least this time i wasn’t an entire bottle deep in wine and could actually carry on a coherent conversation with him .. sort of. it’s been a tough go between my father and i – he’s not the easiest person to get along with and i’m not the most forgiving towards him. he hurt me pretty bad, physically and emotionally, he’s left scars that will never ever heal. he was the first man to ever break my heart. this year, i decided to be the bigger person and put all of that in the past in an attempt to have a better future with my father. here’s to hoping. they both got Cody and I a lot of amazingly thoughtful gifts, i received an authentic limited edition replica of Harry Potter’s wand and metal Hogwarts House bookmarks, one for every house (*squee*), we also got VR head sets that are pretty darn sweet.

i also got to spend Christmas with my mother; Christmas with my mom is always something i’ve looked forward to ever since i was a little girl. after not spending as many Christmases with her growing up (i grew up in sarnia and spent most holidays there with my grandparents.) it’s just something i get excited about every year. this is also the first year my brother and i have ever exchanged gifts, in which i received a very handy grocery card (thank Goddess, she knows how bad i need to go grocery shopping). we received a bunch of other things from them like a spice rack which i’m super excited to use, some money, and a lot of candy which i’ve already taken the liberty in eating.

all in all, this Christmas/Yule was absolutely the best one i’ve had thus far. yes, the gifts were amazing, lovely and thoughtful but the best part about the holidays was getting engaged, and seeing my family. despite having to celebrate without my grandparents for the second year, i know they were there in spirit. as you get older, material things stop meaning so much and family/friends become everything – especially around the holidays.
i am just so thankful and so blessed that i have such wonderful friends and family and a downright incredible fiance that i know i can always count on.

that’s all for this part boils & ghouls,
remember to always keep it surreal babes,
until next blog.


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