dear future best friend.

dear future best friend,

we may not have met yet or we might have already. i just need you to know i have been burned by people who called me their best friend in the past. the word “best friend” to me means family; it’s a bond stronger than the tests of time and we have chosen each other as one another’s platonic soul mate. you’ve probably been hurt by people in the past too, people who have pretended to be your friend or somebody who was your best friend whom no longer is.

as your best friend, these are the promises i will make to you now and will keep forever;

i promise to keep all your secrets a secret. anything you tell me stays vaulted  in my mind.
i promise to be available at all hours of the day if you ever need me, 4pm? 5am? fine with me. whenever you need me, i’ll be there.
i promise to always let you know when you have food in your teeth, and possibly help you pick it out.
i promise to veg out, binge watch shows and eat crap food with you whenever you’re pmsing.
i promise to let you scream it out.
i promise to never judge or undermine any decisions you make in life.
i promise to always show you love and support in everything you do.
i promise to love you unconditionally, even on the days when we piss each other off.
i promise to never lie, backstab, or purposely hurt you in any way.
i promise to listen to you whenever you have a problem with our friendship.
i promise to always.. ALWAYS hold your opinion above everyone elses (except my husbands, sorrynotsorry..)
i promise to always be your lesbian lover when creepy guys are hitting on you.
i promise to be your shoulder to cry on when a stupid boy breaks your heart.
i also promise to kick that stupid boys ass for hurting you.
i promise to give you the best advice humanly possible.
i promise to creep your exes new girl with you & assure you that she’s a downgrade from you.
i promise to always be honest with you, even if the truth upsets you.
i promise to make sure you always know how much i love you.
i promise to always make sure you know how much i value and cherish our friendship.
i promise to be your best friend until the day i die, or until you decide we are no longer best friends.

most of all, i promise to show you the true meaning of the word “best friend”. i promise to never let you down or disappoint you, to make you laugh during the hard times – and cry with you during the unbearable moments in life. i’ll be your rock, your guardian, your partner in crime, your soul sister.

your future best friend.


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