good evening my lovely voodoo babies,

the holidays are approaching at light speed and with that comes headaches, heart aches, tummy aches and wallet aches. this year is especially hard for me as this is only the second year i’ve had spend without my grandparents around.

a little over a year ago, i lost two big role models in my life. i lost the people who shaped me into the woman i am today. it hurts every day and christmas is just one holiday they both loved to celebrate with family. by this time, christmas lights and decorations would already be littered around my grandparents house, the smell of pine and poinsettias rich in the air, christmas cookies and other goodies laid out on crystal platters… that was christmas to me.

even though one half of my family is missing this year and will be missing for many years to come, i am thankful that i have another half of loving folks in my life to spend the holidays with.

with that being said, i am SO ready for 2016 to be done and over with; this year, for me, represented a year of time wasted. i’m ready (i think) to walk into 2017 and make it my bitch. i will not let shady people, shady situations or anything else negative effect my year. this is MY year for growing, for building better relationships, making new friends and expanding my creative mind bigger than i could have ever expected. i have a lot planned for myself and my family this year.

in the new year i hope to have my lip scrubs and body scrubs ready to be sampled and eventually sold online. i’ve been doing a lot of research and i wanted to incorporate a bit of wicca into the mix with that. i saw a video online a couple days ago where an Occult shop in toronto makes spell candles infused with magic (obviously), but that’s kind of what i wanted to do with my lip and body scrubs (with magical flower roots, herbs, etc) – the method will be worked out later but i think it would be wonderful.

i’m also hoping in the new year, regardless of baby or not, that i want to start taking my photography more seriously; i’ve been kind of a push-over with it lately, especially with people cancelling or whatever. but like i said, 2017 will be my bitch and i won’t take flakiness for answers anymore.

bun update: 11 days late. no flow in sight. i have only positive thoughts and good vibes about this, i’ve been asking the goddess and praying for a positive test result tomorrow morning. i’ve decided that if the test i take tomorrow morning comes back negative but i don’t get my period by monday morning i’ll be going to the doctors for a blood test which will be more accurate.  so keeping fingers and toes crossed!!

that is all for tonight my lovely voodoo babies,
keep it surreal bitches, until next blog,


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