updates on updates.

good evening my beautiful voodoo babies,

the last couple days have been hectic AF. have some updates;

first: i’ve had one day off in the last 10 days so i’m a little overwhelmed and over worked; but all i can think about is how it’s going to get me ahead for my christmas shopping, bills, and rent. i always put it to the last minute but when i’ve had a list ready to go since april i’m pretty much set to get in, get my stuff and never see the inside of a mall until boxing day madness.

second: i had my first photoshoot in years the other day! i decided to re-open and somewhat use my ModelMayhem page. i don’t use it as often as most people do, but now i’m active on it and i’m getting messages like crazy for photoshoots! the shoot on sunday went well, it was a simple guitar shoot, i posed with a few guitars and the entire thing lasted about an hour but it was a lot of fun and great experience. i’ve gotten a few prints back and i am so in love with them, i CANNOT wait to see how the rest of them turn out.

third: i’ve decided to start making homemade, all natural, body scrubs and lip scrubs. an agent at my work handed me a giant brick of unrefined, raw shea butter and i plan to use it all for my wonderful body luxuries. once i’ve figured out everything and have a few samples ready to test and such i’ll be putting them on an Etsy page or my own facebook page to sell. ;D

saving the best for last: for those of you who don’t know, my husband and i are trying to expand our family; with real babies and not just fur babies. it’s been difficult for me to conceive for about ten years now, it’s especially hard when i see people getting pregnant left right and center – some of my friends are on their second or third baby and i’m still hoping for a first. as of today, i am officially ten days late for my period; i’ve also showed signs of spotting, and a few minor symptoms. i have taken three tests in the past two weeks and all three have come back negative, i know not to get my hopes set too high on the possibility of being with child; but i also know that sometimes the pregnancy hormone in your body isn’t easily detectable right off the first, second, or even third HPT. all i can do is keep my fingers and toes crossed and hope there’s a little miracle growing in my belly. (please goddess, let there be a little miracle baby in there.*pokes tummy*)

also, this isn’t really super important, but i’ve re-opened my online schooling! this year is a big year for adulting for me. and i’m super excited to be more organized, scheduled, and prompt.

but that’s it for me today my lovelies.
i’m mentally and physically exhausted, empirically.

keep it surreal babes, until next blog.


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