dread head.

good evening my lovely voodoo babies,

it’s been a while since i posted last and for that i am sorry. it’s been a busy, hectic, annoying two weeks and now i finally have time to sit down and take a breather and write.

a few months ago i had decided i wanted to get dreads. i put the idea on hold for a very long time because i didn’t know if i was ready for all the maintenance that entailed with them. after weeks (i mean LITERAL WEEKS) of youtubing, googling and researching about the pros and cons of dreads, i finally decided tonight to take the tumble down the rabbit hole and go for it.

i’ve got one dread started already and i am absolutely IN LOVE with the way it looks, it’s still really nappy and unkempt; but MY GOD is it ever cute. my hair doesn’t grow abnormally slow but it doesn’t grow fast either. it’s taken me about a year and a half for my hair to get past my shoulders and the whole idea is to have longer hair for dreads as it does take off quite a bit of length. the dread itself took about a quarter inch off the length of my natural hair which i’m okay with. my hair is also REALLY dead at the ends, so dreading the ends of my hair was quite a challenge.

the method i use to dread my hair is called the “Rip and Twist” method. essentially this method is taking a chunk of hair (about an inch by an inch) and twisting it almost like you’re going to braid it but instead of three strands of hair you’re only twisting two and then pulling up from the end to root to create a knot or the beginning of your dread. it’s a simple method and from what i’ve read is the most commonly used with “at home dreaders”. it’s an easy concept, yet still a pain in the ass and very time consuming and will obviously take a bit to master. i’ve also decided against dreading my whole head all at once and i’m only going to make one or two new dreads a week. i’m still fairly new to this so i figured if i had 3 or 4 to maintain it would be a lot easier than 40 or 50. it’s also an expensive process as now i have to buy dread wax, special shampoo and special dread combs to keep my beatiful dreadie babies in pristine condition.

i haven’t even thought about what my work is going to think once my head is finished. i had to chuckle at that.

that’s honestly all i have for you tonight my voodoo babies,
keep it surreal,

until next blog (i promise it’ll be more entertaining next time.)



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