just one of those days;

today was not like any other day i’ve had this week. today i woke up frantic, spastic, and just downright in a funk; and for the life of me could not place my finger on what was bothering me. my dog was happy and fed, my husband sound asleep in our bed after a hard night’s work, my cat was happy, fed, and forever following me around and intertwining herself between my feet.

i sat in the living room of my beautiful apartment wondering, “what the fuck is it that’s bothering me.” i pondered this while i got dressed, while i did my make up (which, looked FIERCE by the by), while i put my boots on, while i kissed my husband goodbye, and even while i was walking to work. work, ah, one of adulthoods mundane chores; a love hate relationship between wanting to do nothing but still make money to live. that right there folks, is where my day went horribly wrong.

i have complained about my job in the past, but let’s face it, who hasn’t? everybody has a love hate relationship with their job, mine is just more savage than others, and today was no exception. you’d think that after all that drama in my life, my work life and home life would be my drama free zones? home life, yes. work life, keep dreaming.

i work with a Regina George, literally. she is the anti-christ. she is the world’s biggest bully and sadly her first victim fell to the chopping block today. yes, after two months of relentless bullying, one of my good work friends got fired for complaining about being bullied and then had the situation turned around on her. (there’s a lot more to it than that, i’m literally just giving you the cliff-notes edition.) i, quite frankly, have never been more disgusted with a group of individuals and management (actually, i lied, i am pretty disgusted with a select few outside of work but that story is for another day.) in my life. how is it the tormentors get praised for the misery they impose on others? how is it, in an office of professionals, that this gets swept under the rug. pretty sure the words used in this scenario were “she is the way she is and there’s no changing it. just get used to it.”


i will never know. thus, bringing me to the pivotal conclusion on how this and my earlier mood coincide with each other: i’ve recently been told i am an empath (i already knew that, but it’s nice to have affirmation once in a while.) by definition, an empath is: a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual, (thank you google). in layman’s terms, i am an over sensitive sponge for other people’s emotions/emotional energy; i feel everything and sometimes on a very extreme scale. it’s freaky, it’s exhausting, it gives me a lot of anxiety but it’s also kind of cool. it’s nice to have an answer to why sometimes i feel like i’m going through sensory overload, it’s nice to have myself physically and mentally challenged to work on controlling it.

so the moral of this story is; enough negative energy from one person can quite literally affect the world around you.

ANYWAYS; while we’re on the topic of paranormal things, i would like to say a belated Happy Samhain to all of my wonderful voodoo babies. i, of course, celebrated. i used to do quite big Samhain Rituals when i lived back in my hometown but have found that, as a Solitary Wiccan, smaller is the way to go (mainly because i don’t belong to a Coven.) it’s a lot less to clean up afterward. and i’d just like to throw in that in the midst of my ritual i would like to confirm that yes.. my. apartment. is. haunted. i’m pretty sure the whole building is haunted; again, a tale for another day.

that’s all the updates i have for my voodoo children today,
keep it surreal & until next blog,


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