not enough hours in a day;

there definitely isn’t enough hours in a day to carefully and strategically plan out every little project or creative idea that i have. it’s unfortunate really, a lot of things get pushed aside and thrown on the back burner and that is most definitely not something i want to keep happening. as far as it goes, the projects i have on the go are; Horror Prompt of the Week, the 365 Jar i’m making for my beloved (which is ALMOST done, i just have to put everything on construction paper and in the actual jar.), a few digital installments i have in the making, and i also wanted to bring my old youtube account back from the dead and do something with that as well. maybe i’ll interview favourite youtubers, who knows. everything under the sun has been done and broadcasted on youtube so there’s really no hope for any “original ideas” but alas, my creative mind works in mysterious ways.

i’ve also been more active within the tumblr roleplay community these past few weeks and i feel amazing about it; being able to create a scene with so much detail and hard work put into it, and having fellow roleplayers come together and add to it is just such an amazing, almost overwhelming, feeling.

the amount of creative ideas i have floating through my noodle serves as one of the best anti-depressants i could have ever been prescribed. being able to openly express myself through many artistic avenues really makes me feel like i have some purpose on this godforsaken planet (i *know* i have a purpose in other aspects of my life, such as being a good wife and mother (fur mother, let me clarify.), being a diligent and trust worthy worker, etc.).

that’s all for this post boils & ghouls,
keep it surreal.

until next blog,



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