rainy day updates;

good evening my lovely voodoo children. it’s a rainy fall evening, i’m at work – it’s as quiet as a cemetery and i couldn’t be happier. despite the melodramatic high school drama that made itself apparent in my life during the past two weeks or so, it’s been a pretty damn good month. i literally have no complaints, well maybe one or two, but we’ll keep that hush hush.

it’s hard to believe we’re already twenty days deep into october. eleven more days til halloween, sixty-five days until christmas (which is 5 more paychecks, ugh.), and seventy-two days until this year is over. it’s really baffling to think about it like that; i mean, it felt like just yesterday we were ringing in 2016 and now in just a little over two months we’re saying goodbye to it, it’s almost bittersweet.

on a more exciting note, our WiFi is finally getting hooked up on monday! this means no more lugging my 50 pound laptop to work with me, no more posting and updating from work! i can do all this from home and that makes me a happy little sapling. (i’m moreso excited to catch up on all my shows i’ve been missing out on, i’ve had to avoid facebook and tumblr like the plague in order not to spoil the new season of American Horror Story.)

more exciting news; i’ve got a couple projects lined up that are sure to keep me busy right until the new year! some which include a 365 jar for my beloved, “read when..” note collections for my bests and my beloved, and much much more that i’d like to keep under wraps (i’ve had a bit of a problem with people stealing my ideas/writings/blog ideas/etc, copying them and trying to pass them off as their own lately, it’s quite irritating..). i’ve gotten REALLY into DIY projects lately, like it’s almost an addiction. i’m constantly going to the dollarstore and buying more craft supplies for my little projects and such. i’ve never had such an outpouring of creativity in my life; i do like this.

i’ll obviously be posting progress pictures of my projects and what not for anyone who’s interested. speaking of projects, i’ve been slacking hardcore on my Horror Prompt of the Day challenge. after realizing i put A LOT of short story prompts and novel prompts in the jar, i’ve decided to turn it into “prompts of the week” instead. by doing this i’m not overwhelming myself with writing a new “short” story every day (my stories are never short, i have waaaay too much character development in all of my stories.) and am only doing so once a week. on top of updating this blog on the daily, i also have a tumblr i use specifically for roleplaying that i update constantly; most nights i can be replying to threads for up to 4 hours and that in itself is very tiresome.

with all of that being said, this little voodoo queen is out for the night. i’ve got an hour left of work and a rainy walk ahead of me.

keep it surreal my children, until next blog.


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