I miss roleplaying;

I came across an old Roleplaying tumblr of mine and I have to say, I really do miss the Roleplay Scene. It was such an interesting and creative way to meet people and expand your creative flow. I found writing in that particular manner brought out my creative side a lot more than just writing a story about something. Roleplaying has always been a huge part of my creative process and in this post I would like to share a “para” I wrote.

A little background info: The setting is American Horror Story Season 1: Murder House.
My character’s name is Kassidy. Everything else, if you’ve watched AHS, is how it was written in the show (with some differences, of course. I like to be as original with my writing as possible.)

So without further ado, enjoy my own creative slice of heaven this one’s appropriately titled This is Halloween.

Kassidy took her first steps of the only freedom she would experience only once a year off the house property. She looked around for Tate but to no avail, he probably had other plans as they didn’t make any for Halloween. The Autumn air was crisp and cool on her face, she had no idea where to go as she’d only been living in LA for a few months before she took her own life. The girl wandered aimlessly down the street with a quickened pace, she knew she only had a few hours and wanted to make the best of it.

Her own curiosity led her to a beach and her face lit up like the fourth of July. In one swift motion she took off her shoes and her socks – leaving them on the sand – and ran into the ocean. The water was like ice but she didn’t care, she let out a loud cry of sheer happiness into the darkness and splashed the water around her with her hands. She retreated from the water and sat on the sand listening to the waves crash onto the shore over and over again. She leaned back putting her arms at her sides for support as she dug her feet into the cold, damp sand. She could sit here forever if time allowed it.

The sun began to rise and she felt the pull .. the pull of the house, calling her back to the prison in which she was condemned to spend eternity in. She could already feel the joy leaving her and the sorrow flood her. She walked slowly, her bare feet padding against the cement as the sun swept over the horizon slowly, filling the sky with beautiful shades of pinks, blues, and purples. The girl let out a heavy sigh as the house came into her view – she saw all the other inhabitants of the house slowly making their way back to their tomb.

He stood on the porch as she approached the house, almost as if he was waiting for her to come back. Tate held out his arms to her and she willingly folded herself into his warm embrace, “how was it?” He whispered in her ear as he kissed the side of her head. “It was .. wonderful.” She looked up at him and smiled, “I’m just glad I’m with you now.” She stood on her tip-toes and kissed the boy softly before retreating back into the safety of his arms. “Me too, Kass.” He kissed the side of her head once more before resting his chin softly on her head. The duo sat on the front stoop of the house, Tate’s arm wrapped securely around her waist, whilst her head rested upon his shoulder. Kassidy closed her eyes and replayed her evening over and over in her head, wishing she could rewind that night and live it forever. They sat on the porch until the sun was high in the sky, sitting in silence – they didn’t need to speak for their silence spoke volumes, and they had an eternity to speak.


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