no title necessary

i feel really sorry for the people you’ve deceived, in the end they’re the innocents in this war. you’ve done everything you can to hide your dirty little secret and once you felt like you were backed into a corner with not a chance of coming out unscathed;  you ungracefully threw the blame on other people. you’ve manipulated people into thinking that you’re the poor little victim. you’ve convinced slews of people that everyone else is the bad guy and they’re all out to get you. you’re a class A sociopath. while that may get you far in life i can assure you a sociopathic life is a very lonely one.

i stand victorious in all of this, i am the real winner because in the end only the dead leaves of the people i considered friends have shaken off my tree. i am still whole, i am still standing proud and tall, i hold no pity parties in my honor, and most of all; i am still smiling. it makes me laugh to know that i am the itch you can’t scratch, i am the proverbial thorn in your side, i’ve gotten under your skin and i didn’t even have to lift a finger. think what you want; only you and i know the real story, i know the real you, the you that you keep hidden away from your loved ones, the you that you don’t want other people to find out about, the person you are on friday nights and early saturday mornings. one day my darling all of your webs and your walls will come falling down, people will finally see you for the sociopathic, narcissistic, ignorant and vile human being you really are; and just like humpty dumpty .. nobody will be able to put you together again.


NOTE: excuse the dark writing folks, i’ve had a bit of life turmoil in the last couple weeks and just had a flow of negative energy i needed to release. now that it’s over and done with and i’ve moved on with my S P E C T A C U L A R life, we will resume our scheduled programming. 

Keep it surreal folks, 


4 thoughts on “no title necessary

  1. Best to keep that bitch as far away from you as possible. Her middle name is drama and she will always take a many people down with her as she can. Whether you are her friend or not. She is always number one and will lie lie lie with no remorse. Be thankful you got away.

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    • You speak the truth girl. You sound like you’re speaking from experience. I’ve experienced her melodramatic shit and I’ve seen how far she will go to keep the skeletons in her closet; I’ve experienced how fake and transparent she can be, and all the while still manages to copy my every move. She’s poison and I’m glad I’ve sucked that venom right out of my life.


      • Yup. She is true evil. Hopefully one day karma will get her. Keep your head held high and remember she is a complete liar. Whatever she says just ignore and be the bigger person. She will get tired and give up eventually once she finds someone else to harass. She lives for an argument and will always want the last say.

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