eat, drink, and be scary!

super exciting news today folks! i will be starting my own Horror Story One Shot Challenge; what this entails is me choosing a prompt at random and writing a story based on the prompt provided. it can and will be anything as simple as a word to an entire paragraph; i have already taken the liberty to print off some pre-made prompts and am going to create my own unique and original stories with them.  i am so excited to start this and hopefully continue on with it long after Halloween as writing. you can all expect the first story later on tomorrow evening! also, i’ll be posting my blog email at the bottom of this post so all of my creative writers can get in on the fun. there will be a contest, there will be prizes – stay tuned for more information on that.

in other news → my first week in my Ban.Do planner was a success, i still haven’t quite mastered the right layout i’d like to use but it’s a work in progress and there’s still 17 more months for me to fill up and get creative with so i’m not sweating it at all. ← pictures to follow.

i feel like this would be a great place for me to also talk about my mental health progress; since writing i’ve felt more at peace and i’ve felt like a huge weight has been lifted off me. i don’t know why but i think it’s because i threw writing to the wayside for a very long time – i had no motivation for it let alone even a reason to write anything worth reading. i had this obsession with thinking that whatever i wrote would never get read, it would never mean anything to anyone and it would all be for naught. let me just say i was so so so wrong about that. writing isn’t for anyone but me, it doesn’t have to be profound and to be frank, i don’t give a damn if anyone reads it or if the whole world does. it’s not meant to attract people around me and boost my popularity; it’s intended purpose (for my life anyways) is sanity. simple as that, i write to retain some form of sanity. i write because it’s honestly the only creative outlet i possess and i’m still mediocre at best. let me just say  i am more than okay with that.

i think that’s just about it for today boils and ghouls, keep it surreal,
until next blog,

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