good things come in threes;

While I may not be a believer in God, I am a spiritual person. I choose to believe in many deities as opposed to one deity. Wiccans and Pagans believe that everything you put out into the world comes back threefold, I believe that has karmic value to it; your good karma helps positive karma come back to you in an intensified manner. You are good therefore you deserve good things. 
I am a huge believer in fate, wishing on shooting stars, lucky numbers and omens. I think we all have the capability to somewhat rig our destinies to go how we want them to. I also believe that divine intervention plays a huge part in our destiny as well. 
The whole point of this post is about having a good, positive outlook on life because good things to come back to you. Whether as an omen, a physical sign, or it may be a bit more subtle than that. We all have our bad days, we all have days that turn us into ungrateful monsters, but at the end of it all we just need to breathe in, say a spell for good karma and hope for a better tomorrow. 

Keep it surreal folks, until next blog.



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