welcome back

i am officially the worlds worst blogger. it’s no lie that i’ve let this fall to the wayside, my blog has once again slipped between my fingers as if it were sand that i’ve been clenching too tightly.

it’s been almost a full year since i’ve written anything at all, or rather, since i’ve had anything to write about. three hundred and sixty five days of pure bullshit to be exact. until recently, nothing in my life made sense – the sad truth for all humans in their twenties, – but nonetheless it’s the most truest thing i’ve ever said.

lately, i’ve been plagued with wanderlust fever. i’ve been restless at my job and restless in my home life with my roommate. i’ve been stagnant for too long and it’s starting to eat away at me. i’m tired of doing the same job every day for the same mediocre pay. until lately, i was tired of going home after a long day at the office and listening to my roommate drone on about whatever drama happened in her life or listening to her hum and haw about the “haters” she has on facebook. i say “until lately” because i have actually found a human being that i love being around constantly and want to experience everything with. (but we’ll discuss that later.)

i’ve realized that our world is so dependent on technology as a means of survival it’s made me want to break away from it all, except for blogging of course. i want to experience things first hand, not from behind a cell phone or computer screen. my bones are aching, urging me to go out and experience everything that life has to offer. my mind is screaming “travel!”, “live!”, “stop dreaming about it!”. a fight or flight instinct has kicked in and has awoken some part of me that i don’t think can be snuffed out as easily as it has been in the past.

i want to photograph mountains, deserts, pyramids, lost cities, ghost towns and abandoned buildings. i want to write about new foods, new cultures, new experiences. i don’t want to be a receptionist forever writing about things she wished she’d done. i want to be that receptionist-turned-gypsy/nomad that got out of the cyclical, mundane 9-5 work life and is experiencing everything with a camera strapped to her neck, her soulmates hand in hers, and a backpack full of good intentions, (by good intentions i mean clothes, notebooks, and toiletries, of course.)

we were all born to be better than who we choose to be today; it’s time to accept that and grow with it. don’t be afraid of the unknown, don’t be afraid of change. accept and embrace your true calling because it will lead you to amazing things.

keep it surreal folks, until next blog.



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