in the last couple weeks, and with the new year quickly approaching, i decided it was time to start putting my goals and ideas into motion; hence the birth of this blog. currently, it’s all a work in progress – i assume i will only get better with time. one can only hope. who knows where this will go, maybe i’ll tap into my literary reserve that has been building up for the last five years or so and i’ll do great things with this blog, maybe it won’t go anywhere at all. all i know is that it’s time to stop saying and start doing, as i am a master procrastinator. as the wonderful shia laboeuf says “don’t let your dreams be dreams.” (side note: i totally adore shia. he will be mentioned many times throughout this blog.)

so what does one talk about on their own personal blog? i’m basically just talking to myself and therefore there is no limits, but due to my obsessive compulsive behaviour, in order for it to exist it must have a purpose. for now we’ll just call it a “life style blog” until we can figure out the niche this little sapling fits in.

here’s to new and great beginnings.


keep it surreal bitches.


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